Clementine's Salon

Clementine's Salon
Denver, CO

Allie Johnson
Sunday, Monday, Thursday & Friday

Allie is very passionate about making people feel special and helping them see the beauty in themselves. She feels it’s a powerful thing to have the ability to help people feel better about themselves, or simply turn their day around. With the midwest coming from her soul, Allie strives to make everyone feel welcomed and special in her chair.

Allie graduated from The Aveda Institute Denver in 2017 and has been with Clementines ever since. From 2017 to 2018, she has worked hard proving herself to be a talented and creative stylist. As a new stylist, Allie takes every opportunity to continue her education so that she may always be in the know of new techniques and styles. She knows that in this career the moment you stop learning is the moment you become stagnant and that she promises to never let happen.

Allie is so excited for the first chapter of her career and looks forward to having you in her chair so she can make your hair ROAR!


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